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Does the entertainment industry hurt our help the way our youth views life? We had some interesting responses taken from our recent poll. Here are the results:

The entertainment industry (music, sports, acting)...***Multiple answers can be selected***
hurts the way the youth view life. 3 votes
helps the way the youth view life. 1 vote
does not target the youth. 2 votes
is not in the business of raising kids. 3 votes

Let's look at the answer which states that the entertainment industry does not target youth. If the entertainment industry did not target the youth then they would not be business smart at all. I believe that it is quite obvious that not only does the entertainment industry target to the younger generation, but they have no problem saying so. For example, the National Basketball Association constantly plays the advertisement entitled The NBA Cares. The entire commercial is geared towards professional basketball athletes being role models to children. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with this. I'm only making the point that some of the entertainment industry does target the youth.

An answer which received 3 votes gave the statement: The entertainment industry is not in the business of raising kids. I believe this to be a valid statement. There is no right or wrong selections here, each answer is used for discussion purposes only. The entertainment industry should not be in the business of raising kids at all. This would be absolutely ludicrous to suggest that any type of business should raise a child. However, I do understand that entertainment definitely has an influence on children. Therefore, this industry should be held accountable to ensure that children are almost always a part of backroom discussions. This means that the best interests of kids should always be forefront as kids are major consumers of the entertainment industry.

Another selection that received three votes is the statement that read, "The entertainment industry hurts the way the youth view life." I honestly do not believe that the entertainment industry hurts our kids lifestyle any more than it hurts adults lifestyle. Sure, it can have a somewhat negative influence on a kid, but to blame the entire entertainment industry for the wrongdoing of a child is not plausible. Some may think that this contradicts with the point I made earlier when I suggested that the entertainment industry should be held accountable when it comes to our kids. However, this in no way contradicts my point. While the entertainment industry should be held accountable to ensure that they do not target the youth in an extreme fashion, they are not responsible for raising the youth. Sure, this is a delicate line that the industry has to walk. But it's not as difficult as it reads.

Now to answer that have not been discussed yet: The entertainment industry helps the way the youth view life. In my honest opinion, I believe that the industry can and does help the youth, particularly the inner city youth. The reason being is that these youth sometimes need something to look forward to, a way to strive and have more in life. With the proper parenting, a child can realize that their chances of becoming famous may be next to nil. But this can still give the child something to strive for. Imagine an inner city child in a parentless home, that really seems to have nothing to look forward to in life. A child can understand that the entertainment industry is not at all an easy world to make it in, but it can happen. So, the entertainment industry can give the youth a positive outlook on life.


  1. I think its a mixed bag only because those major industries besides the oil n financial companies, the entertainment industry is taking away the creativity n imagination.. the only goals are work hard n make money.. well it worked during the industrial revolution ,but in the 21st century ,there's a lot more to take in to count.

    Sports teams are pulling are youth too early from college n take them right outta high school.. I (god forbid) L.James catch a bummed knee , where can he work w/o out formal education elsewhere. its all he knows so he'll be a commentator since he knows the game.. on the other hand , it does instill discipline and professional isms that most ppl dont get a chance to show, but when u got 19-29 yr olds in the game, emotions n tensions and some immaturity come out drunk driving, possession etc.. hello they're young adults , like school , like war, u may get things out of order, and if they never expelled it in the 1st place,so it comes out on the game..n ppl take it out on them n they themselves feel vilified in a way that enclosed them further n socially for some ..disturb them.. thats damn near mental abuse on the mind ,body n spirit..

  1. says:

    "thats damn near mental abuse on the mind ,body n spirit.."

    That's an excellent point, and opens up another entire discussion. There is no type of assistance or training for these young athletes, rappers, or actors whom have not learned to live life as an mature adult yet. So when these young individuals act "bad", society and media comes down on them with a vengeance.
    This is definitely wrong and can be extremely detrimental to the well being of ANYone. I believe there has to be some type of training to help these kids that make it rich so young or else these negative type issues will continue to be brought to light.
    Think about how a Michael Vick would have fared if more people actually stepped up to guide him down the right path, instead of rushing to put him in the National Football League. So although I do think that the entertainment industry can help our youth, I also think that the industry needs improving on building relations with the youth.

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