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This entire situation really sickens me. Federal officials have decided that there is not enough evidence that shows boot camp employees willfully killed this 14 year old kid.

CNN reports, "The Justice Department said in a news release that investigators did not have enough evidence to pursue criminal charges. Prosecutors would have had to prove that the boot camp employees' intent was willful — the highest standard imposed by the law..."

Martin Lee Anderson, the 14 year old that lost his life in boot camp, was beaten and kicked before having ammonia plugs stuffed into his nostrils and his mouth covered, depriving him of oxygen. This was only his first day in boot camp. Indeed, the incident occurred within the first two hours of the kid being placed on the camp.

So now the U.S. federal officials have decided to close the book on this case. Martin's family sued the state and Bay County, the county which held the boot camp. They were was paid  a $7.4 million settlement.
All 8 of the boot camp employees shown on the video were charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child, but every single one of the employees were later acquitted.

Because the feds have made the decision that there is no additional action that will be taken, Martin will not get justice. There was no justice served. Sure, his family got paid, but Martin was killed. Punched and kicked by grown men. I have a very difficult time not mixing my emotions in with the writing of this piece. I can only think of, "What if I had a 14 year old child? Would I ever send my child to boot camp? Better yet, would I need to call 4 or 5 other men to help control my child?"

I seriously do not understand why it would take 5 men to control the limp lifeless body of a 14 year old kid.

It is necessary to point out that I believe that the prosecution for Martin did a terrible job. Two of the doctors called by the prosecution gave different accounts as to what may have killed the child. Terrible. The defense basically ripped the prosecution to shreds. How can the prosecution not show that the boot camp employees willfully killed a child?

Somebody needs to pay, and not monetarily. Prison time.
Michael Vick was sentenced to 2 years of prison for killing dogs.
8 individuals kill a child and they get a pat on the back. Are you serious?

SAVE OUR YOUTH, no matter what race, creed, nationality they are.



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