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Justice will finally be served - kind of. The Supreme Court ruled Monday that teens serving life sentences must at least be considered for release. 

This ruling means that parole must be an option in non-murder cases. Per the Supreme Court "life imprisonment without parole in such cases violated the Constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment." [here]

I agree. Without a doubt to hold a teenager in prison for the rest of their lives for a non murderous crime is extremely unusual. To do this is simply showing that society has given up on the kid or simply does not care about the kid. 

For example, Terrance Graham was implicated in armed robberies when he was 16 and 17 years old and sentenced to life in prison. Graham, now 22 years old, is now serving his life prison term in the state of Florida. 

Common sense would seem to tell any idiot that a child or a teen has the ability to be rehabilitated. Why would an individual spend the rest of their entire life behind bars for mistakes that they made as a kid? What the f**k is that about? Sounds like some modern day lynching sh*t!

Unfortunately, the ruling does not go far enough. These individuals that are currently incarcerated for life will only be considered for parole. It will once again be up to the discretion of those that left these individuals behind bars to now decide if the individuals should be freed. 

How disgusting is that?

An update on deceased 7 year old Aiyana Jones...

Detroit police have now changed their story. Originally police officers had stated that one of their officers gun went off because of an altercation with Aiyana's grandmother.

The police department is now saying that the officer and the grandmother may have simply collided. [here]

This is looking more and more like negligence on behalf of the officer. A child's life was snatched away by those we pay to protect and serve. 

Rest in peace little Aiyana Jones.


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