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A seven year old girl was killed this morning after being shot in the head and neck area from a bullet fired from a police officer's gun.

Police were executing a search warrant for a murder suspect whom police officers say resided at the same residence of the seven year old child. The child, Aiyana Jones, was asleep on a couch in the home. Police officers stated that a flash grenade was thrown into the home, which is commonly used to stun and confuse occupants before a police forced entry. [here]

This is where the story becomes muddled and unclear. 

Police version of the incident is that the child's grandmother confronted one of the officers and a tussle ensued. During the altercation between the officer and grandmother, one round was fired from the officer's gun, hitting Aiyana Jones in the head and neck area. 

However, the child's father, Charles Jones, stated that the murder suspect was not in their home, but in the apartment upstairs. Jones says that officers raided both his apartment in which is daughter was killed and an upstairs apartment simultaneously. 

Detroit Police Assistant Chief Ralph Godbee also confirmed that police were executing a warrant on two apartment units at the same time. [here]

One thing is certain. Little seven year old Aiyana Jones is dead because of the actions of adults.

Why was a flash grenade used in a home in which a child resided? Would not common sense say to wait until the suspect left the home before making the arrest? News reports show that neighbors advised police officers that there were children in the home, and even showed the officers children toys that were in the front yard. [here]

At first this looked to be a case of the father and grandmother of Aiyana harboring a fugitive. But the suspect was not in the home of the poor child at all! The suspect was in an upstairs apartment!

There HAS to be some common sense that is used sometimes. 

Rest in peace to little Aiyana Jones, who did nothing wrong but fall asleep on a couch. The poor child was awakened by a flash grenade being thrown into the home, probably scared out of her wits, and only seconds later was shot and killed.


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