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After the massive and devastating earthquake in Haiti left thousands of people dead, there was a huge rescue effort that was immediately underway. Some of the Haitian families began to line up at the airport in Haiti for food and water, as this was one place where food was being disbursed.

Upon seeing this, the U.S. military ushered a few families onto a waiting aircraft and whisked them overseas to the United States, as had been done quite a few times already. These men, women, and children were being placed into homes and hotels in other states.

This time, however would be different. The families were taken to the state of Florida by our well intentioned military servicemen. Upon landing in Orlando, Florida, the families were whisked away in vans to a location about 4 hours away. The new locations proved to be immigration prisons and detention centers.

Per a decision by the state of Florida, the state had decided to jail women, children, and men that had only hours before been rescued from the most massive earthquake in the country's history. Many of these family members had been recently pulled from the rubble themselves and many others had lost family members during the earthquake.

When a major newspaper posted this astonishing article on the front of their paper, half of the family members were immediately released from the prisons, however they still face deportation. The other half of the family members remain imprisoned.

So, what was the reasoning behind placing these families in prison in the first place? Well, it seems as if these families had no visas, which would disqualify them from gaining entry into the country. But wait a minute...weren't these families placed on military aircraft by our own gracious and understanding military, as they waited in line for food and water? Why would they have visas?

I have no idea of how the thought process worked or what influenced the decision making to imprison families rescued from an earthquake ravaged country. But it was an incredibly stupid idea. How can some humans be so cold, calloused, and heartless?


  1. Terrible horrible , these migrates all well remember Guantanamo Bay ,Chrome Detention Center in Center(S.FLa) and other holding cells just coming here are no exceptions they all too well kno ..

    No hate to the Latin counterparts ,but they get to stay with friends or family until decisions are made or there visa goes through a year later..

    They (U.S.) just continue to show the cracks of our immigration policies are biased if not bigoted to the country of Haiti... Learn Haiti's history beyond the attempts of getting a Democracy together to compete, u would kno then why they get treated inhumanly and personal n professional implementations always conflict with the so called Image U.S sends to other foreigners.

    Shoot they Found Haiti's Declaration of Independence that have been missing since the 1800's and guess where it was found?? In England Governance Library.. by a researcher looking through "Jamaica 's files" in btwn documents this past last week !!! (Source Rachel Maddow Show MSNBC prog) whats it doing in their? Didn't England occupied the island of Jamaica? didn't they have English politicians traveling throughout the Caribbean including Haiti's free Republic for trade.. n now its in a English library.. wow!

    U can send Christian groups to convert ppl in middle of civil wars just to leave them for dead after wards n now orphan groups swoop in with the traffic n kidnapp kids n taking them over the boarders ,cuz they deemed it better for them? so i guess this is the reverse misprisioning of what Haiti did to the kid nappers.

  1. Bryan says:

    You couldn't be more right. I will never understand why there is an immigration policy that allows Cubans to stay in America after catching the boat over, but Haitians are immediately imprisoned before being sent back to Haiti. Many times the Haitians are persecuted by the Haitian government once being returned to their homeland.

    I honestly don't know the reason of this immigration rule, "Wet Foot, Dry Foot Policy." But I have a pretty good idea. I have a sneaky feeling that I can't get rid of that if the Haitians were of a little more lighter complexion...

    Barak Obama has to be held accountable as well. Being the first bi-racial United States President does not mean that he can change all that is evil, but he has not even made a comment on the crooked law since he has become leader of the free world. Sure, he said something while campaigning, but no action taken yet. Maybe because of the catastrophic earthquake, he will find someway to change the biased law. Maybe. We can only wait and see.

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