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The video on the left, "Collateral Damage", is an almost 18 minute recording that was originally posted on the website of WikiLeaks. This video shows a group of Iraqi civilians that were killed by U.S. soldiers.

WikiLeaks, presented the video on their website and has said that they will be posting another video soon showing more civilian casualties.

The video which was recorded in July 2007, contains actual conversation in which one of the U.S. troops falsely claim to have encountered a firefight. In fact the group that they are seeing includes two journalists, both holding cameras, which the soldiers incorrectly state are weapons.

The Iraqi group seems to be unperturbed by the U.S. Apache helicopter flying above them, and seem to be conversing amongst each other. This is when the firing from the helicopter begins.

The second portion of the video is even more disturbing. There is a minivan that approaches after the one sided firefight and its occupants climb out and begin to recover the dead and wounded. The U.S. soldiers in the Apache chopper open fire on these unarmed occupant, severely wounding two children in the van and killing the father of the two children.  Now, the Rules of Engagement clearly state "do not target or strike anyone who has surrendered or is out of combat due to sickness or wounds". Obviously, the actions by these U.S. soldiers shows complete disregard for any type of laws that are set in place, specifically for situations such as these.

Below are pictures of the minivan that was hit by U.S. soldiers, and two of the van's wounded occupants, a five year old girl and ten year old boy.

To play Devil's advocate, there is no way that myself nor anyone reading this piece would have any idea how difficult and harsh the situation is while on the battlefield. We sit in air conditioned homes and read from our laptops about what is happening in war ravaged areas.
And for the first portion of the video, it does appear as if some of the other men in the group who did not have cameras actually did have AK-47's. When in war, there is no way a sensible person would wait until the enemy began fighting before responding. If you did that, you would be dead before your feet could even hit the ground. Sometimes, it can be difficult to think rationally when under certain situations, especially when you have seen plenty of death already and it is all that you can do to stay sane. These soldiers could have lost fellow comrades to Iraqi insurgents.

However, it is obvious to any reasonable person viewing the video that the group of Iraqi men on the ground could care less about the Apache helicopter circling above. Also, it is even more obvious that the minivan that pulled up was definitely not a threat. This shooting of the minivan occupants is malicious at best, as the soldiers actually laughed during and after the shooting.

We hope that this is a few isolated incidents of actions of bad soldiers. Remember, we owe many of these soldiers a great deal of gratitude, as they put their lives on the line daily.


  1. Wow there's gotta be a way that this Gov cannot employ these degenerates who steady undermining our Troops ova seas n puttin them in danger like that.. Our system of communication is counter productive .. as always.. ppl in charge of the material should be fined.. in the 50's leaking during wartime of any information is liable w/ treason or something close to it.. wonder what happens.. Oh yea J Edgar "The Devils Son" Hoover criminalization policies that supported corruptions during that time..

  1. Bryan says:

    Thanks for your comment. You make a great point. This video and others like could indeed be perceived to be putting our troops in danger. The site that originally posted the video, WikiLeaks, has been accused several times of producing material that may be top secret material.

    However, I do believe that we are in need of sources of information that keep the American public well informed with the truth. This information of the senseless killing of civilians would probably have never been told to the public if it had not been for the WikiLeaks website. CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, all would have passed on posting this story.
    I believe that a nation that is deliberately confused and fed half-truths is a nation that is brain washed. Let me know what you think. I appreciate the response again.

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