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It seems as if though a rash of racist rhetoric and actions are sweeping the country. With the election of America's first bi-racial President, it would seem to be totally the opposite. Or would it?

While watching the results of the election on that night of November 2008, I was fully aware of how far the country has come since the era of slavery. I thought of all those that had given their lives during the Civil Rights movement. I thought of how proud Martin Luther King Jr. would have been and how proud the majority of us were as Americans.

I was, however, fully aware that a small fringe of individuals still had deep rooted racist sentiments. But I thought, "Now, at last, these racist people will no longer have a voice." Alas, I was wrong.

A little over a year after the inauguration of Obama, I have seen a rash of racism that I have never seen before in my life. I have lived through six U.S. presidents so far and have seen negative reactions on both sides, but none as bitter as this.

  • There have been cartoons depicting the President and First Lady as a gorilla. 
  • There has been a congressman calling the President a liar on national television, in the middle of the Presidential Address. 
  • There has been a massive uprising of a "Tea Party Movement", in which signs have been seen which depict the President as a white faced clown. 
  • There have been rallies that protested whatever the President stood for, in which many members in attendance had guns.
  • There has been a "news" commentator on a certain television network that said, "This President is a racist."
  • There has been a "birther" group that has stated the President was not born in this country, and have gone as far to call the President a Muslim.
  • There has been a black member of Congress that has been called a nigger, and another black man spit upon, all done by the "Tea Party" group.
  •  There have been two laws passed in the state of Arizona; one law which states that the President must verify his place of birth before running for reelection in 2012, the other law allows unlimited racial profiling of citizens.  
  • Just to name a few instances...there are plenty more but I believe my point is well made
And yet, I feel as if we are at a place in history where we have never made it so far as a nation. Why? Well, it is obvious. Never before has there been a self proclaimed African American President in the White House.

Of course this is why we are witnessing such a violent upstart from some of our citizens. It as if the racists are making one last ditch effort, taking one last gasp of breath.

We have come so far, but we still have a ways to go. But we are so close. Oh, so close.


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