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This really surprised me. I had no idea that the economic gap between black and white Americans was so large.

A study released by Institute on Assets and Social Policy (IASP) is troubling, to say the least. The study conducted over a 23 year time span shows that the gap between African Americans and White Americans rose by $75,000, from $20,000 to $95,000.

The study doesn't stop there however. The study goes on to state that the results of these figures reflect U.S. public policy.

What are the policies that IASP are referring to?

IASP found that public policies in the US benefited the wealthiest people, through tax cuts on investment income and inheritances, and disadvantaged others through discrimination in housing, credit and labour markets.
"There continues to be a persistence of racial segregation," said Thomas Shapiro, IASP director and co-author of the paper.
Mr Shapiro said that racial segregation operated by limiting the value of property in a community that is primarily African American, in comparison to a community that is predominantly white.[here]

Wow.  Straight Henny and no chaser. A little too blunt and honest for your liking? The stats and facts don't lie. 

This is simply amazing. I will be sure to research this issue a lot further in the upcoming days. Please stay tuned.


  1. RiPPa says:

    This is the stuff I've been screaming about on my blog for about three years now. Thanks for putting this one up and out there, my man.

    BTW: I love your blog - keep it coming!

  1. Bryan says:

    Hey, thanks Rippa. This surprised me because no other news network is showing this right now. It's a shame that BBC is the only media source that I have seen so far that posted this.
    I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog man!

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