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Without a doubt, lack of  education is the overwhelming and dominant reason why so many of the inner city youth do not succeed in life. Crime and the level of a person's education can and should be linked together.

But, of course, a number of issues including low income or poverty can all be attributed to the degree of education that an individual received. This is a known fact within inner circles, but as of yet nothing has been done to resolve this problem. Real legislation has not even been set into play.

This type of statistical information needs to be shown to the public. This is exactly what I intend to do. I will post extremely eye-opening information as to why there HAS to be a change in our education system in the inner city. Or else the progress will be extremely slow. Slow as in it taking 4 generations to get from high school to a college level. Remember, we as Americans should be improve each generation both educationally and financially.

Obviously, many in poverty stricken areas have been poor their entire life, as well as their parents and grandparents. So it is very much a generational aspect to this that needs to be solved.

Currently in America we have individuals that are born into wealth and others that are born into poverty. This is the same thing that happens in other countries, similar to a king and royalty, and the low down peasants. The difference is that in America, we have the opportunity to change what is not fair and just, whereas other countries never get that choice.

I will post part III of the poll results tomorrow which will include statistics to prove the correlation of lack of education and the inner city.  A new poll will be posted tomorrow as well!  


  1. Our government has failed us in not competing in the global market 20-30 years ahead of schedule. we lag behind in everything ,but weapons and they punish the teachers n students n not the school boards n staff , not the materials in which are all being printed by one company somewhere in TX of all place.. no offense to TX,but 1 state.. all the materials being learned?

    Now we have talentless folks in charge n wealthy ,over more intellectual n capable ppls that can get the job down , but most work endless hrs and have no more tyme to re educate themselves.. Comapnies are systematically are anti -education ,cuz their hrs dont support mothers, students n working men, ...u kno ppl whom need the money..instead tell u to have a nice day n need a genius with no lyfe.

    I say we resort to self educating children ourselves like it used to be, books, thesaurus , dictionaries , encyclopedias, literature, math, science,health, arts,tech n history (our history ,as in everybody), its a nation of immigrants ,we need to kno all cultures and the practices regionally n globally , cuz it impacts or economic ,social n educational outcomes all together.. if were not fully re trained like the Pres.Obama laid out ,then we in for a national collapse under its own weight of stupidities the current baby boomer gen whom seem to like running a vast country backwards. like there mind set.

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