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Per the responses on the posted poll, it shows that 75% of you believe that education is most likely to help inner city youth succeed in life. 25% believe that it is parenting. A huge thanks to all that took the time to vote!

Of these four answers, which single reason is most likely to help inner city youth succeed in life?
Law Enforcement

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No one voted for law enforcement, which is understandable. It is not very often that a law enforcement officer becomes involved in the life of an inner city kid, unless they are taking the kid to juvenile detention or jail. Yes there are officers who do reach out to the inner city youth in a positive manner by attending social functions, enrolling in mentor programs, etc. And these officers need to be commended. But let's be honest. The majority of the time that an officers interacts with one of the youth, the kid's usually feel dread, fear, or both, because the outcome is rarely anything good.

Also, no votes for religion. Not being a religious buff myself, I agree wholeheartedly. I don't believe that religion alone will help a child to succeed. After all, look at the struggle that many of the inner city churches are having with the youth of their community. For example, many of the churches of the inner city teach that being gay or lesbian is a sin. So, for any young kid that may be gay or lesbian, they are only being shunned once again, this time by their community church.

Another example is that many inner city churches do not advocate sex before marriage, and in fact teach abstinence. With the AIDS virus being so high in our poverty stricken and inner city areas, it is unconscionable that we would still be teaching abstinence to our youth. Obviously, it is not working or else the amount of AIDS cases in our inner cities would have dropped.

There is also the dilemma of teenage pregnancy.The fact is that these kids are having unprotected sex, and instead of the churches reaching out to them, these kids are cast out and looked down upon. These churches need to be advocating safe sex to members of its community. They need to be handing out contraceptives. In short, these churches need to get with the times, instead of standing and watching our children be killed off.

This is only the Part I discussion of the poll results. Part II will be posted shortly. This will discuss the second part of the poll which includes education and parenting. Stay tuned!


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