Posted: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 by Bryan Troupe in Labels: ,

It's no secret. The plight of our children in the "real" inner city areas is atrocious. If the child does not grow to become either an athlete or entertainer (aka rapper), their only other viable option is to work a menial wage job or turn to a life of crime.

There are those that have done criminal acts in their past and have vowed not to return to their past behaivor.
But understand, the only reason many were introduced to a life of crime in the first place is that this is all that surrounds them. They see no other way of making money unless it is with a minimum wage paying job.

This is where the dilemma arises.Either continue doing criminal activity with about a 90% probability of being caught and going to jail, or work the minimum wage job. There is a family to support, there is rent to pay - and there is an opportunity to make at least 5 times as much money doing crime rather than working a 9 - 5.

Doing crime would break this cycle for the children and mouths to feed at home. Hopefully they won't have to live this same lifestyle and have to make these type decisions.

So...what to do?


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